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Sirius Launches 24/7 Health Channel

New York — Sirius will launch a health and medical channel in early 2008 called Doctor Radio “to serve American’s hunger for health,” said the company.

The 24/7 channel will be offered in partnership New York University Medical Center and will feature about two dozen doctors, many of whom are “teaching” doctors at the NYU School of Medicine, as weekly radio hosts.

Doctor Radio on channel 119 will cover subjects such as how to know if you are at risk for a heart attack and high blood pressure, the psychology of everyone from serial killers to college students, what really goes on inside the emergency room and how it compares to television shows like “ER” and “House,” and what parents can do to cope with children suffering from ADD.

“Doctor Radio powered by NYU Medical Center will be among the most definitive health, medical and wellness resource for people everywhere,” said Scott Greenstein, Sirius entertainment and sports president.