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SimpliSafe Launches Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera With 24/7 Live Guard Protection

As emergency response times increase, home security company introduces new camera and monitoring technology to provide real time deterrence

Home security specialists SimpliSafe have announced the release of 24/7 live guard protection and the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. This new monitoring feature, which is enabled by the new Smart Alarm Indoor Camera, aims to help stop crime in real time by allowing monitoring agents to see and speak directly with intruders.

In addition to live agent voice intervention, the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera is the only home security camera that has an AI-powered motion sensor that sounds a built-in siren when unusual motion is detected, further deterring intruders.

Live guard protection and the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera are intended to help improve the strained emergency ecosystem overall. The following features will help to reduce the noise created by false alarms.

  • The camera’s video verification and 24/7 live guard protection features allow agents to capture evidence and verify whether or not a threat is real.
  • The Smart Alarm Indoor Camera has advanced AI-powered motion detection technology that can accurately distinguish between pets and potential intruders.
  • Through two-way agent audio, live guard protection gives customers yet another path to cancel false alarms before emergency responders are dispatched.

SimpliSafe is also introducing two additional next-generation security sensors – the SimpliSafe Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector and the SimpliSafe Gen 2 Motion Sensor. Both sensors have enhanced accuracy that will likewise reduce the burden of false alarms.

  • The Smoke & CO Detector can differentiate between a real hazard, like fire or heavy smoke, and non-threatening events, like lighter smoke from burning food.
  • The Gen 2 Motion sensor has the advanced ability to distinguish between people and pets.

24/7 live guard protection is available today as part of SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect plan. The new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera and Smoke & CO Detector are available on today. The Gen 2 Motion Sensor is available at select retailers today and will be available on next month. The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera and Gen 2 Motion Sensor will launch in the U.K. in July and will be available at



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