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SIM2 Tour Swings To The West Coast

Miramar, Florida –


said its tour of the country is in full-swing and headed for a West Coast
highlight that will include appearances by exective director Alberto Fabiano
and Stewart Filmscreen national director Jim Groover.

Both executives will discuss with dealers the essentials to
achieving the ultimate home theater setup.

 Showcased on the tour are
SIM2’s Lumis 3D Solo, 3-chip 3D projector and Crystal single-chip projector.

 “We are thrilled to
partner with Stewart for this event,” said Fabiano. “Their facility offers the
perfect showcase for our dealers in the Los Angeles area. We will be
highlighting the importance of both projector and screen in the process of
creating the best quality 3D experience at home.” 

Fabiano continued, “The energy and excitement for these key new
products has been very gratifying. Our dealers fully support our commitment to
3D, and now they have a complete system in a compact form for their clients who
are looking to bring cinema-quality projection into their homes. While the
Crystal line is seen as a formidable offering in the Home Entertainment
category, the reaction from dealers to its gorgeous styling for a product at
this price point is exactly what we set out to achieve: a luxury feel for the
entire line, from top to bottom.”

Dealers interested in attending any of the remaining stops on the
tour should contact their SIM2 representative and check for updates on the
Facebook page,

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