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Shopping List

Happy New Year and for those of you lucky enough to attend, welcome to CES 2016.

As always, the best and the brightest of the industry are gathered here to welcome the next wave of innovation. It’s a daunting task as a reporter to try to cover CES in any comprehensive way. It’s just too big, too broad, too busy. But that hasn’t stopped companies from trying to get my attention.

If I had all the time in the world to roam the show, I would likely follow the direction of my email inbox. Unfortunately, producing the Official CES Daily takes up most of my hours out here, and I mostly experience the show through the hundreds of stories that pass across my computer screen for editing.

In my dreams I am an unscheduled curiosity-seeker with all the time in the world. In that case, here’s what I would be doing (based on actual email invites I received leading up to CES):

I’ll set up about a dozen different appointments to fly drones: micro drones, 4K video-shooting drones, and drones that follow me around chronicling my comings and goings.

I’ll make a stop to learn how to take and share 3D photos with my smartphone.

I will certainly demo the smart spoon that will get my kids to love vegetables (good luck).

I’ll test the plug-and-play GPS bracelet, no phone needed.

I’ll purchase a series of robots that will clean my floors and my windows, purify my air and control my home entertainment and security systems. Then I will gift-wrap them for my wife.

I’ll check out the first modular robot made for RoboGaming. I’m not sure what RoboGaming is, but I think I’ll like it.

By that time I’ll probably be overly stimulated, so I’ll schedule an hour to do yoga with a robot.

Then, I‘ll hope the smart glasses that control the use of electronic devices, limiting screen time and promoting proper posture actually work. God knows my kids need something that switches off their devices if they are playing too long or start to slouch.

I’ll try the biometric headphones that monitor my heart rate and coach me through my exercise routine.

I’ll go see if the First Response “connected health experience” pregnancy test is actually an improvement over the analog alternative.

I will reserve my review unit of the digital sleep aid device that uses light and sound to lull me into slumber and keep me there, but only because I’d get a free massage by visiting the booth.

I’ll try out the molecular sensor that uses infrared spectroscopy to analyze my food to make sure it fits in with my cardiovascular- sensitive diet. I would grab a few for my diabetic and gluten-free friends too.

Since my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I’ll check out the spoon and fork that counteracts hand tremors.

While there, I’ll test out the device that measures my body’s ability to burn fat and advises me how to improve that.

Next up, it’s over to the parking lot to let BMW show me how its cars will drive me around in the future and how, in the meantime, make sure I don’t crash into anything on my own.

By that time, I’ll be tired, so I’ll head over to sample the digital nap pod that enhances deep sleep for whomever enters.

Gonna be a busy show …