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Sharp Opens 10th-Gen. LCD Plant

Sakai City, Japan – Sharp opened here this Thursday its long-awaited 10G LCD plant, which the
company calls the “most advanced LCD plant in the world.”

The Sharp
Green Front Sakai facility
will include manufacturing plants for LCD panels as well as thin-film solar cells.

The LCD plan
will start out with a production capacity of 36,000 substrates per month, gradually
ramping up to 72,000 substrates per month.

Sharp will use
its proprietary UV2A4
photo-alignment technology at
the plant to produce
high-contrast, energy-efficient panels of 40 inches and larger.

Each 10th-generation
glass substrate measures 2,880
by 3,130mm, each of which can be cut up to produce smaller screen sizes for LCD
TVs. The more efficient plant
operations will result in ever larger LCD TVs at attractive price points
for the consumer, the company

substrate can yield six
60-inch class panels or 15 40-inch class panels.

The two
screen sizes are increasingly becoming critical spots in the market. The company believes demand for the 60-inch LCD category
will grow as the rear-projection
category recedes and consumers seek out affordable large-screens for their main viewing rooms.

The 40-inch screen size
was called out by Sharp as “an ideal size for
consumers looking for an option for a secondary TV in the bedroom.”

The Sakai City
factory features on-site subcontractor facilities
that produce glass and other key components needed to produce LCD panels.

Sharp said the
new plant was development to be environmentally friendly. The company is adopting
LEDs for all indoor and outdoor lighting (approximately 100,000 LED lights)
throughout the complex, and
has installed
solar panels on all factory roofs to provide some of the plant’s electricity needs.