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Sharp Launches Aquos Ad Campaign

Mahwah, N.J. –


Electronics unveiled plans for the
launch of a new brand-advertising campaign in support of its forthcoming 2010 Aquos
LED LCD TVs, including those with the company’s new proprietary Quattron
quad-pixel technology.

Sharp said the fully integrated campaign will highlight Sharp’s

Quattron system,

which adds a fourth
color – yellow – to the standard R-G-B full-color array to introduce “never-before-seen
colors” to TV displays.

“This campaign is the culmination of Sharp’s steadfast dedication
to continue improving picture quality for the best possible viewing
experience,” stated Bob Scaglione, Sharp product and marketing group manager
and senior VP. “The new brand creative uses a touch of humor as it urges
consumers to head to retail to see first-hand the remarkable and lifelike
colors of this new TV series. We believe that this is one of the biggest
breakthroughs since color TV was introduced, and when consumers see this for
themselves, they will understand.”

The Mcgarrybowen Advertising-developed campaign will urge
consumers to come into a retail store to see the new Quattron quad pixel
technology in order to experience and understand the dramatic new dimension it delivers
to TV viewing.

The broadcast, print and online ads will feature renowned “Star
Trek,” “Heroes” and “Sirius/XM Radio’s Howard Stern Show” icon


, playing a Sharp engineer.

Broadcast, print and Web ads depict the engineer marveling at the
astonishing color vibrancy he sees on the Aquos LED LCD TV in front of him, “teasing
the audience who can’t see the stunning blues and yellows on their three-color
technology TV screen,” Sharp said.

The campaign kicks off on March 18, with print advertising in
major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and continues
in major magazines including BusinessWeek, Entertainment Weekly and Sports

Beginning March 20 a “teaser” TV commercial will air that
highlights the Sharp engineer’s excited reaction to the new Quattron quad pixel
technology, aiming to spark viewer interest and driving viewers to Sharp’s Web
site to learn more.

A second commercial will follow, offering a more in-depth
explanation of the technology, and additional campaign elements will arise
throughout the spring.

Sharp said the commercials will be broadcast on high profile,
national network programs including: “NCIS,” “Lost,” “The Office,” “The Tonight
Show” and “Good Morning America” and on primetime cable networks such as ESPN,
A&E, TBS, TNT, The History Channel, and USA.

As for Sharp’s recurring sponsorship with Major League Baseball,
the company told TWICE only that the new branding effort behind the Quattron
sets will be featured “through local activations with teams, but they won’t
necessarily be tied into this
specific campaign.”

The ad budget
for the LED effort, “is in the tens of millions of dollars,” the spokesperson told TWICE,
is consistent with campaigns
we’ve run in the past.”

In conjunction with the campaign, Sharp said it will add a dedicated
section to a newly-designed section of Sharp’s Web site (

to educate viewers about Quattron quad pixel technology.

An online advertising component is also planned, with placements
on consumer Web sites as well as pre-roll videos and banners. A social media
program will be added later this spring.

Sharp said it will promote the new Aquos series with local
activations at retail and in areas with a high amount of consumer traffic.

At retail, Sharp is working with retailers to place interactive
end caps on showroom floors. The end caps will feature an image of Takei and
will present more in-depth information on Quattron quad pixel technology in
easy to understand terms, Sharp said.

Sharp will also take its 52-foot touring tractor trailer truck
setup, called the Sharp Aquos Experience, on a nationwide cruise throughout the
summer. The traveling showroom, which will feature Aquos LED TVs in different
screen sizes, will hit retailers and major sporting events around the country.

Sharp will also leverage its existing relationships with Taubman
Centers and with NBC Universal to showcase Sharp’s new lineup at selected
properties, the company said.