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Sharp Expands Sound Bar Lineup


Sharp is doubling its selection of
sound bars to six with new models debuting at CES
this week that include its first with HDMI connections
and HDMI’s audio return channel.

Seven other new audio products feature iPod/
iPhone docks and include two iPod speaker systems,
two minicomponent systems, two microcomponent
systems, and a hi-fi component system.

In sound bars, three models include HDMI output
that supports HDMI’s audio return channel, simplifying
hookup to an HDMI-equipped TV. One of the
three offers HDMI switching, and it uses three HDMI
1.4a inputs and output to pass through 3D content
from Blu-ray discs and cable/satellite set top boxes.

The model with HDMI switching is the 3.1-channel
HT-SB600 with outboard subwoofer, three HDMI
1.4a inputs, one HDMI 1.4a output with audio return
channel, stereo RCA input and two digital audio inputs
(optical and coaxial). It also features embedded
Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 decoders and Dolby Virtual
Speaker to deliver a virtual 5.1 soundfield. Power
is rated at 3×100 watts plus 1×100 watts.

The other two models with HDMI output but no
HDMI inputs are the 2.1-channel HT-SL70 and HTSL50,
both with outboard subwoofer. These models
feature analog-stereo 3.5mm input, RCA input, and
HDMI output with audio return channel. The SL70 is
rated at 2×50 watts plus 1x 100 watts. The SL50 is
rated at 2×25 plus 1×50 watts.

Among the new sound bars without HDMI, the
2.1-channel HT-SB350 features built-in Dolby Digital
and DTS 5.1 decoders and Dolby Virtual Speaker
to simulate 5.1-channel surround sound. It also features
SRS WOW HD post processing to expand the
horizontal and vertical image and add bass response
and clarity. The 2.1-channel SB250 features built-in
SRS WOW HED decoding. Both come with embedded

Pricing was unavailable.

Among iPod-docking audio systems, the two minicomponent
systems are the CD-DHS1050P and
CD-DH-S950P, both with iPod/iPhone dock on top,
fornt-panel USB to connect other MP3 players, fivedisc
CD changer, and full-logic cassette. The two
microcomponent systems are the XL-DH259P and
XL-DH229P with dock on top, USB connection for
other MP3 players, and CD player. The hifi component
system is the XL-HF200P, which consists of
two two-way speakers and a CD receiver with dock
on top, iPod/iPhone video output and USB connection
to other MP3 players.

The two docking-speaker systems include the DKCL5P
with clock-radio functions, FM tuner, SD card
reader, USB Host port, iPod/iPhone video output
and dual alarms.