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Sharp Begins Big Brand Push

As part of a multiyear program to increase the visibility of the Sharp brand, the company recently launched an ad campaign anchored on the tagline — “Be sharp.”

The company said the program “includes a higher level of sustained advertising than has recently been the case,” and will coincide with the introduction of new “high-tech/high-style” products.

“The campaign and introduction of new products such as the Aquos Liquid Crystal Television signal a new direction for Sharp in the U.S. and give us an unprecedented opportunity to begin changing the way the Sharp brand is perceived,” said Toshiaki Urushisako, Sharp Electronics chairman. “Products like Aquos and 1-Bit Audio are at the foundation of a multi-faceted product and marketing program to make Sharp more top-of-mind and create a distinct brand identity based on the lifestyle enhancing superior performance, upscale design and unique applications of Sharp products.”

Early phases of the campaign will target major national newspapers and leading news, business and special interest magazines. The campaign will augment ongoing product focused advertising and Sharp’s ongoing sports marketing programs, the company said. Starting next year, the campaign will expand into television spots.

The first three brand advertisements will focus on Sharp’s Aquos Liquid Crystal Television line, and Sharp’s leadership in its core LCD technology.

The print ads depict “quality-of-life activities where people turn to Sharp to help create the moment,” the company said.

The single-page and two-page spreads depict how various consumers integrate Sharp into their contemporary lifestyles.

Other products will be featured in spots as the brand campaign evolves. Core themes will focus on enjoyment of free time and increased productivity at work.

At the same time, Sharp’s U.S. Internet site is being updated to support the new positioning and product introductions.