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Sharp Adds LCD TVs, Cuts AQUOS Pricing

Mahwah, N.J. –– Sharp Electronics has cut prices on four AQUOS LCD TVs, including three 45W-inch models and the wireless 15-inch LC-15L1U-S.

At the same time, the company announced it is shipping new 23W- and 26W-inch 16:9 LCD TVs in the more moderately priced Sharp branded LCD TV line. Both of those displays will be HDTV monitors with 170-degree viewing angels.

Expanding the existing Sharp-branded line of 4:3 LC-TVs, the new widescreen sets, models LD-26SH1U ($1,699.99 suggested retail) and LD-23SH1U ($1,499.99 suggested retail), feature built in NTSC tuners, but require outboard ATSC tuners to receive digital broadcasts including HDTV signals.

Both models feature 1,366-by-768 HDTV resolution, and the LD-26SH1U adds Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View video processing circuitry with “Black TFT” low reflection coating for optimum performances in rooms with high ambient light levels.

The 26W-inch unit also includes Quick Shoot video technology, a feature included in the step-up AQUOS television series, which optimizes response time on fast-moving images to sharpen edges and reduce image blurring.

Both units include PC inputs, split-screen functionality, and picture-in-picture functions. The LD-26SH1U is available now for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

Meanwhile, Sharp said is has trimmed the pricing on four key AQUOS models.

In the 45W-inch LCD class, which includes three models with 1920 by 1080p native resolution, pricing has been cut $1,000 from $8,499.99 to $7,499.99. Affected models include the LC-45GX6U, the LC-45GD4U, and the LC-45GD6U.

Suggested retail pricing for the wireless AQUOS LC-15L1U-S was cut $400 from $1,799.95 to $1,399.99.

Sharp said the price reductions were “due, in part, to greater manufacturing efficiencies.”

“These AQUOS price reductions will make LCD TV’s affordable for a wider range of consumers as the demand for sophisticated, high-tech flat-panel televisions continues to increase,” said Tony Favia, senior product manager, Sharp Electronics Corporation. “We are very pleased that our manufacturing capabilities afford us the opportunity to make these reductions possible.”

The 15-inch wireless model enables viewers to carry the television around the house to watch television without the need to connect wires to power of signal sources.

The unit features side mounted speakers and a built-in carrying handle, table stand and a rechargeable battery.

The 45W-inch AQUOS models all feature integrated ATSC tuning, which is included in a separate Audio Video Computer (AVC) system box. That unit also houses inputs and controls. All three models have a high-quality built-in 1-Bit digital audio amplifier, a PC Card slot for viewing digital stills and HDMI with HDCP digital AV input.