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Scosche Debuts magicMOUNTs For Car, Home, Office

Las Vegas Scosche is introducing the magicMOUNT system of cradle free magnetic mounts for car, home or office.

Users apply the magicPLATE directly to their device and hover it over one of Scosche’s new magicMOUNTs to securely lock the smartphone, tablet or GPS into place, the company said.

“Mounting solutions that require a specific case or a bulky cradle can be incredibly frustrating,” said Kas Alves, executive VP, Scosche Industries.  “magicMOUNT allows our customers to use the case of their choice or no case at all with a system of powerful neodymium rare-earth magnetic mounts that provide the peace of mind that their new smartphone or tablet is secure.”

The original magicMOUNT allows users to magnetically affix their phone or tablet to their car’s dashboard for using GPS or making handsfree calls during a road trip and features a rotating ball joint for low profile mounting options.

The magicMOUNT POWER is another solution for using a mobile device in the car and features a 7.5W (1.5A) USB port for quickly charging tablets and smartphones while on the go. A flexible goose neck allows drivers to position their device at the perfect angle and integrated cables clips eliminate clutter, the company said.

The magicMOUNT Window is a windshield model combines the same magnet design with suction cup to mount smartphones or tablets to the windshield without impeding the driver’s vision.

The magicMOUNT Surface is a wall mount for tablets.  Users can mount a tablet in the kitchen to follow recipe while cooking, in the office as an extra display, or on the wall at home to serve as a control panel for connected home appliances.

Scosche is also introducing at CES the superCUBE, what it claims is the smallest, universal 12W (2.1A) USB wall charger on the market.  Despite being 40 percent smaller than then the closest competitor, superCUBE can charge even the most power hungry tablets at the fastest rate possible, the company said.

The iOS and Android compatible superCUBE utilizes intelligent charging circuitry to charge USB powered devices at the fastest rate possible regardless of their make or model, the company said.

The superCUBE will be available in both black and white later this month at for the latest news on all of the company’s award-winning mobile accessories.