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Sanus Display ‘Simplifies’ Flat-Panel Mount Purchases

Sanus Systems is introducing a retail concept said to simplify consumer selection of flat-panel TV wall mounts in stores.

The display — a first of its kind, according to Sanus — is 12 feet wide by 7 feet tall, and showcases 13 Sanus Visionmount-brand flat-panel TV wall mounts. It utilizes the space to educate consumers on the types of mounts available and what the mounts can do to support televisions.

The St. Paul, Minn.-based company also showed a selection of flat-panel plasma and LCD mounts at International CES two weeks ago.

The Sanus retail display shows a full selection of mounting options for small, medium and large flat-panel TVs. Each option is on display with a clear plastic “TV screen,” so consumers can grab the plastic and see how smoothly the Sanus mount operates, said the company.

Also, within the display is backup stock of each of the mount SKUs, so when consumers choose which mount they want, they can find it directly below the display mount. This unit is the most comprehensive flat-panel mounting display built to date, said Sanus.

The new wall-mount display takes a complex part of the flat-panel-purchase process and simplifies it, therefore breaking down a key barrier to the flat-panel sale, said Keith Pribyl, director of retail sales at Sanus. “The display also increases the attachment rate of mounts to flat-panel sales by providing clear and comprehensive choices for the consumer,” he noted.

The display, which first debuted in Future Shop and Best Buy stores in Canada, now has units appearing in selected U.S. stores as well, said the company.