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SanDisk Secures USB Flash Drives

Nice, France – SanDisk announced a new security platform for its flash memory devices at the RSA Conference, here, today.

The new TrustedSignins platform is designed to protect against online fraud using a dual-factor authentication system that combines a password and a specific device, like a flash memory card or USB drive.

According to SanDisk, the solution will be trialed by financial institutions and other enterprises before it is rolled out to its consumer products.

In addition to a static user name and password, a TrustedSignins drive will automatically generate a one-time password once it’s connected to a PC. According to SanDisk, RSA and Verisign are working with the company to provide two-factor authentication for consumers who purchase a SanDisk USB drive an use it on RSA SecurID or a VeriSign-enabled websites.