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SanDisk Launching Authorized Reseller Program

Milpitas, Calif. –


has launched an authorized
reseller program for dealers who sell the company’s flash-memory products,
portable media players and accessories.

“The program will
make it easy for consumers to tell the difference between authorized and
unauthorized resellers,” a spokesperson said. It will also “help our authorized
resellers differentiate themselves in the marketplace and become better
equipped to explain the benefits of our products to their customers.”

resellers will be able to use the SanDisk Authorized Reseller Logo on their
website, point-of-purchase displays, and other collateral material. The company
will also encourage resellers to display the SanDisk Authorized Reseller Logo
on comparison shopping portals on which they are listed. In addition, SanDisk
will direct consumers to authorized resellers.

Resellers who
qualify get access to live and online training programs and employee incentives
to encourage learning about SanDisk products and sharing of the products’
benefits with customers, a spokesperson explained.

“SanDisk is also providing
resellers with more merchandising materials than previous programs, including
specialized collateral that reflect their status as authorized resellers,” the
spokesperson added.

resellers will also get access to a dedicated web portal, where members can
learn about the latest industry trends and discover how to maximize
opportunities presented by the trends, she said. “This includes insight as to
why consumers are selecting certain products and suggestions for how resellers
can leverage this knowledge to create compelling messages that will resonate
with their customers.”

The program will
make it easy for consumers to determine which retailers are authorized or not,
she added. “We are giving ARP members preference on our “where to buy” links at

and encouraging them to
display the ARP logo prominently online and in their stores.”

U.S. resellers
interested in becoming authorized resellers can apply at