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Samsung Unveils Online HDTV Interactive Guide

Ridgefield Park, N.J. — Samsung Electronics has produced an online guide to educate consumers about HDTV called the ‘Interactive Guide to Digital & HDTV.’

It is available free at

The guide explains why the world is changing to a digital TV format and what HDTV offers consumers. Detailing the 2007 FCC mandate for a nationwide rollover to DTV, the site also educates on how television will be improved.

Samsung said that its guide ‘is a primer that demystifies the DTV experience. Now that consumers are researching large-ticket purchases online prior to making important buying decisions, the need for a comprehensive resource Web site is greater than ever.’

The company said that the guide is designed to offer a simple answer to a question, or a more complete understanding with a detailed explanation, depending on the users’ needs.

‘Digital television offers a whole new world of brilliant, lifelike images, Dolby Digital audio and powerful interactive services,’ said John Lavoie, marketing manager for Samsung Electronic America’s Visual Display Group.

Cheil Communications America (CCA) designed the site for Samsung in a ‘straightforward, fun and user-friendly way to educate about DTV with no cost to the user,’ the electronics manufacturer said.

CCA focused on bringing the new Samsung site to a level that speaks to all, using interactive flash animations, images and analogies that are both informative and engaging. Sections include information on what makes DTV so exciting, what DTV formats and sources are available and how to find DTV programming. The guide further details the different choices in DTV monitors, how to pick the right set-top box and antenna, and includes a glossary of terms and links to informative Web sites.

‘We must help the consumer understand the technology,’ explained Frank Romeo, Samsung’s digital set-top box group director. ‘Only when people know how DTV works and its features and benefits, will the rollout of DTV reach critical mass. Samsung’s ‘Interactive Guide to Digital & HDTV’ arms the consumer with an easy way to make an informed purchase, and it will also prove to be a valuable tool on the retail floor.’

Samsung’s long-term goals for this project include offering the material to retailers, content providers and places where a consumer would look for more information on Digital and HDTV on the Web. Training is another aspect of the site. This material will be offered as a way to train call-center employees, back-office support people and sales associates both at Samsung and throughout the industry. Getting new employees in the industry up to speed with digital and HDTV subject material has always been a challenge that can now be resolved quickly.

Samsung is also developing a ‘Samsung HDTV Certification’ program. This process takes people through the site with a number of question/answer advancement levels. Upon completion, the individual becomes ‘Samsung HDTV Certified’. With the roll out of the first phase, Samsung has certified its own entire sales, marketing and detailing force along with a wide range of individuals from accounting, operations and professionals throughout the company. This same process will be offered and applied to Samsung retailers and other industry partners over the coming months.