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Samsung Slates Executive Conference

San Jose, Calif. – Samsung Electronics announced that its first-ever industry conference in the U.S. will focus on future unlimited technological advancements and accelerating electronic innovation.

The event, being held here on Nov. 15 at the Fairmont Hotel, is called “the Samsung Semiconductor Future Unlimited Executive Summit” will be aimed at engineering executives and senior designers.

Samsung said it will use the conference to “share its outlook on core components that are fueling the electronics revolution, as well as provide a forum for key industry leaders to share their views on the state of the consumer electronics and computing industries.”

Speakers at the event will include Behrooz Abdi, senior vice president and general manager, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, who will discuss 3G wireless technology Innovation; Bryan Burns, strategic business planning and development VP, ESPN-HD, who will discuss the current HDTV marketplace; Ana Hunter, technology VP Samsung Semiconductor, who will speak on deploying mobile technology in next-generation PCs and consumer electronics; Jon Kang, Samsung semiconductor senior VP, who will take a close look at the future of consumer electronics powered by semiconductors; S.S. Kim, fellow and executive VP, Samsung LCD Business, who will speak about LCD innovations for HDTVs; George Scalise, president, Semiconductor Industry Association, who will examine how the industry is pushing the limits of innovation; Sean Wargo, industry analysis director, Consumer Electronics Association, who will help attendees chart the future of consumer electronics; Don Barnetson, Flash Marketing director, Samsung Semiconductor , who will take a close look at how Memory is fueling the PC and Consumer Electronic industries.

The event will close at 7:30 p.m. after a gala reception that will include live entertainment. Registration is $295 per person. For more information visit