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Samsung Expands Giga Systems Speaker Line

LAS VEGAS – Samsung is also expanding is expanding its Giga systems selection to three SKUs with the launch of two new models here at International CES.

Giga systems are floorstanding 2.2-channel music systems with aggressive youth-oriented cosmetics, a large floorstanding speaker pair with active subwoofer built into each left-right speaker, and music sources such as tuner, CD, Bluetooth and USB inputs to play back music from mass-storage devices. They also deliver DJ effects and feature illuminated rings around the drivers.

The carryover model is the $999 FS-8000, a two-way 2,300-watt system with oversize source component/amplifier. Each speaker cabinet houses a 15-inch sub and an 8-inch midrange/tweeter.

The new MX-HS8500 builds all source electronics and amplification into one of two speaker towers, steps up output to 2,500 watts, adds Bluetooth Power On, and adds built-in handles and wheels.

The new MX-H5900 ups output to 3,400 watts and becomes a three-way system with dual 15-inch woofers, dual 8-inch midranges and two tweeters. Electronics and amplification are outboarded into a separate component.

In more traditional music systems, the company is launching two three-piece tabletop systems, both with Bluetooth, Bluetooth Power On, CD and USB Host. One adds TV Sound Connect and two USB ports, one of which is capable of recording onto a USB device.