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Sam’s Club Bows Online Recycling Program

Sterling, Va. — Sam’s Club has launched EcoNEW, an online electronics recycling service it is offering through a partnership with extended-service-plan provider NEW Customer Service Companies.

The new service allows Sam’s Club Members to trade in their older electronics for a gift card, the value of which is determined by a recycle trade-in value generated through

The EcoNEW program accepts LCD monitors, digital cameras, desktop and laptop PCs, gaming systems, MP3 players, camcorders and printers. According to a release, even if a product does not qualify for a trade-in value, the program will still accept it for recycling and will provide a prepaid shipping label.

Sam’s Club and NEW guarantee the products will not be exported or placed in a landfill, but rather reconditioned, recycled or sold into the secondary or used marketplace in whole form or broken up into useable parts.