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Séura Launches Premier S1 Mirror TVs

Green Bay, Wisc. — Weather-secure TV resource Séura this week launched its Premier S1 Series of vanishing mirror TVs.

The  Séura Premiere S1 series offers a new design that is said to eliminate the gap between the mirror and monitor, allowing for improved picture quality and minimized internal reflections.

The S1 models also said to have improved durability and relocated the inputs and outputs.

“Our product development and engineering teams have designed the Premier S1 to give the consumer a greater peace of mind knowing that their new display will stand the test of time.  We crafted the product to be durable and long-lasting,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, co-founder and CEO.  “These new models are also easier to install so our customers can get to benefit from the exceptional video quality with less life disruption.”

Séura’s displays include RS-232 control ports; and HDMI, component, USB, and IR connections.

The Premier Series television mirrors are said to be “ideal for larger television applications,” and are offered in the 32-, 42-, 46-, 55- and 65-inch screen sizes.

The company said the suggested retail price range of the Premiere S1 models is from “$4,799-$15,999 and up.”

“Custom sizes or orders do not fall into a set pricing structure and are determined by a variety of variables.  We love the opportunity to do custom orders because we get to help a customer define their image and realize their vision,” the company explained in a statement.

Models feature high-performance pictures and a soft, designer mirror reflection.