Russound Calls In Consultant


Newmarket, N.H. - Russound, the multi-room audio supplier,  has hired consulting company OAC Group to step up marketing, product development, and dealer and customer relations.

The OAC Group is led by Oscar Ciornei, who worked with Russound multiple times over a 20-year period and at one point assumed the role of Russound COO while consulting. The group also includes partners and industry veterans Joshua Cooper and Mark Donnigan, and their expertise includes product design, marketing, public relations and business strategy.

The group has been tapped by multiple companies in recent years for advice to bolster the bottom line. The companies include Atlantic Technology, Qsonix and Soundcast Systems.

OAC will work with Russound president Maureen Baldwin and CEO Charlie Porritt.

For his part, Ciornei said Russound staff will "get back to basics and build upon their strong foundation of high-performance, feature-packed products that are easy to sell at attractive and profitable price points."

Porritt said Russound has worked with OAC members "in multiple engagements over 20 years" and that "they collaborate well with our management, staff and vendors." The OAC Group will develop "relevant concepts and designs for new product development, marketing, publicity and sales which they implement effectively," he said.

The hiring of OAC follows Russound's sale of its Colorado vNet brand.


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