Rotel Adds Distributed-Audio Receiver


Rotel will offer its first distributed-audio system in three years with the launch of the two-channel 2x100-watt RX-1052 four-zone receiver, due in October at $900.

The 1052 features three-zone preamp-audio output; composite video out for each of the four zones; ability to play four sources simultaneously; and inputs for up to eight sources, including four A/V sources. It features phono preamp, 12-volt triggers, RS-232 port for connection to touch screen controllers and IR inputs for control from other suppliers' IR-based in-wall keypads.

Rotel plans its own in-wall keypads for first-quarter or second-quarter 2005 shipment.

To power remote zones, Rotel offers the 6x60-watt 1066 outboard amp at $600.


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