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In-Room Speakers – Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower

Back in 1995, Definitive Technology broke new ground with the launch of the audio industry’s first “powered tower,” or tower speaker with built-in powered subwoofer. It eliminated the need for a separate freestanding subwoofer to add deep, powerful bass to a sound system.

Many competitors followed but couldn’t get it right because they designed their speakers as if they were placing a satellite speaker and a subwoofer in the same cabinet, whereas Definitive designed its speaker with a powered woofer section that also went down deep into the sub-bass region. Those companies dropped their products, leaving Definitive almost alone in carrying the torch with its $2,499-each Mythos ST-L SuperTower.

Tower speakers with built-in powered woofer/subwoofer do more than free up floor space and reduce living room clutter. A sound system with two Mythos ST-L speakers, each with its own active sub, delivers far more bass output than a single subwoofer does. More important, the subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the towers’ mid/high section, making it unnecessary for consumers to spend, in some cases, many hours adjusting their subwoofers’ crossover and phasing controls to deliver perfect subwoofer blending with their main speakers. Instead, Definitive Technology’s engineers do the fine-tuning, presetting the crossover and phase between the subwoofer and main drivers to achieve seamless blending and life-like sound.