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Ricoh Unveils 360-Degree Photojournalism Contest

Denver – Ricoh said Thursday that it has launched the “Spherical Report 360 (SR360),” an advertisement feature on the CNN website.

The SR360 spot is described as “a fun and interactive contest which equips citizens with a free Ricoh Theta spherical camera and presents them with the unique opportunity to become a photojournalist by reporting on local news and events.”

The Theta camera captures 360-degree spherical images producing immersive imagery that replicates the complete surroundings of an individual.

The company said the unique images “expand the possibilities for journalistic photography.”

As part of the SR360 contest, 360 Ricoh Theta camera units will be distributed free of charge to selected applicants to use as they document local happenings and news stories and submit them to the interactive website.

Further information can be found on the site between March 27 and April 10 to enter to receive a Ricoh Theta camera.

Starting May 1, selected recipients will be encouraged to document the events surrounding them, similar to a photojournalist, and post the images they’ve taken with the camera to the SR360 website.

The photo-submission contest will take place over the course of four months with a Most Valuable Photographer (MVP) being selected each month. The MVPs will receive a Ricoh Commander multifunction wristwatch.

The contest will end on Aug. 31, and images shared on the site will be judged by a panel of guests.

One grand-prize winner and two gold-prize winners will be selected.

The grand prize will be the Pentax K-3, 18-135WR DSRL kit. Two gold-prize winners will receive the Ricoh GR Limited Edition compact digital camera.

In addition, current Ricoh Theta owners are also invited to submit images for consideration.

In September, award winners will receive their awards in Los Angeles, where they will participate in a roundtable panel to discuss their images and inspiration.

Those who post one image a month during the project period will be able to keep the Ricoh Theta camera after the close of the contest.

Images should be posted to the SR360 website during the image posting period, which starts May 1 and ends Aug. 31.

The posting of content is open to the public and is limited only to images shot with the Ricoh Theta. Posting from outside the U.S. is also accepted.