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Pure Adds More Wireless Multiroom Speakers

LAS VEGAS – Pure Audio is expanding its selection of Jongo wireless multiroom audio speakers and launching its third tabletop Internet radio with Jongo compatibility.

With a Jongo multiroom audio system and a Pure Connect app for Apple and Android mobile devices, consumers can stream device-stored music via Wi-Fi to one or more Wi-Fi-equipped Jongo speakers. The app also lets users select music stored on a PC or NAS drive for playback on one or more Wi-Fi-equipped Jongo speakers. On top of that, users can stream Internet radio stations accessible through the app to Jongo speakers. For a fee, the app also delivers on-demand access to 15 million Cloud-based songs.

The newest Jongo speaker is the 50-watt T4, shipping in January at an everyday $299. It will join the $149 20-watt T2, $349 100-watt T6, and $199 20-watt S3, a portable AC/DC speaker. The others are AC-only.

The company also offers a $129 wireless Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter for use with existing stereo systems.

The stereo T4 measures 12 inches by 5.8 inches by 6.5 inches and features Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and decoding of WMA, AAC, MP3 and MP2. It also features aux 3.5mm input and USB A port, which is used for product upgrades and Ethernet connectivity via an optional adapter.

The company’s other new product is the Wi-Fi-equipped Evoke F4 tabletop Internet radio, which doubles as a Jongo speaker and as a Jongo-system controller, which lets users select and play back PC-stored songs through Jongo speakers. It will ship in February or March at an everyday $229 to become the company’s third tabletop Internet radio with Jongo compatibility. It will also be the company’s first tabletop Internet radio with Bluetooth.

The F4 also features full-range 3.5-inch driver, 7-watt output and FM tuner. It has access to 20,000 Internet radio stations, the SiriusXM music service and Pure’s on-demand music-streaming subscription service.

The mono radio comes equipped with a built-in handle, optional battery pack for portability and optional add-on speaker to deliver stereo. Other features include Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and a USB A port, which is available for USB recording and playback, product updates (also available over Wi-Fi), and plugging in a supplied Bluetooth dongle or optional USB Ethernet adapter.

It decodes WMA, AAC, MP3 and MP2 files. Streaming from a PC or Mac requires running UPnP server software.