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ProSource Adds Energy Squad

Anaheim, Calif. — Energy Squad, a distributor of LED lighting and green-tech products, has joined the vendor roster of the $3.1 billion ProSource buying group.

ProSource, comprised of the Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group) and Home Entertainment Source (HES), said the addition of Energy Squad provides a “one-stop solution for energy-[efficient] products and LED lighting.”

 Explained ProSource executive director Jim Ristow, “Since no one brand does it all, Energy Squad has thoughtfully chosen the best in the business, creating new opportunities for ProSource members and allowing them to get more involved in this burgeoning field.”

The buying group, which is the specialty CE and integration division of the $12 billion BrandSource co-op, said Energy Squad has “vetted and cherry-picked the best brands in LED lighting, smart thermostats, energy storage and energy management,” allowing ProSource members to obtain any of the products from one place.

At CEDIA Expo 2013, Energy Squad launched its LED Diet concept, a structured dealer training and promotional program designed to help consumers reduce their energy usage while creating new opportunities in lighting for integrators. The program features a duffle bag full of more than 30 LED bulbs that integrators can use to demo the lighting in customers’ homes while stressing LED’s money- and energy-saving benefits. Energy Squad offers both online and on-site trainings to get integrators and dealers quickly up to speed in the category.

“The green-tech category is very dynamic right now, and it’s great to see [ProSource] taking a progressive stance to help its members get involved,” said Energy Squad sales director Wayne Ortner. “Because Energy Squad was launched by a leading custom-integration business with a similar background to that of many ProSource dealers, we understand what they do and how to help them develop this extra revenue opportunity. We expect great synergy between ProSource and Energy Squad.”