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PRO Group Expands Training Program To Boost Audio Sales

Des Plaines, Ill. — PRO Group, the specialty A/V buying organization, is expanding its retail-training program to additional members this year following a three-dealer beta test.

The training initiative, developed with Consumer Electronics University (CEU), was designed to improve key management skills, retail marketing, and product and sales presentations to help drive greater audio sales for PRO Group members.

“As we begin to see growth rates mature in certain categories, it has never been more critical to optimize the attachment of audio to video,” said Dave Workman, the group’s executive director. “High-quality audio maximizes consumers’ enjoyment of the high-definition experience, and enables our retailers to proactively manage the market basket of customers in their store. We are very excited to be able to work closely with CEU in delivering this expanded focus around audio sales to our membership.”

Established in 2005, CEU develops, implements and evaluates classroom, video, online and in-store training programs for the consumer electronics industry. For more information see