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Powermat Adds Charger For T-Mobile MyTouch Slide

New York –
Powermat announced today the availability of a dedicated wireless charging
solution for the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide, coinciding with in-store
availability of the new Android-powered smartphone.

The new Powermat
model will allow users to replace the battery cover of the MyTouch 4G slide
with a Powermat receiver that mimics the look and feel of the smartphone’s
original battery cover.

“We are
delighted to work closely with T-Mobile to support the new T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
Slide as it becomes available to consumers,” said Ran Poliakine, Powermat
CEO.  “The opportunity to
collaborate with T-Mobile and introduce Powermat technology with the launch of
the MyTouch 4G Slide helps expand the nationwide availability of wireless

The new Powermat model
will be sold exclusively by T-Mobile. Powermat wireless charging support for
additional products from T-Mobile is anticipated in the future, the company