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Polk Readies Audio Products For Xbox One

Baltimore — Getting the jump on next week’s E3 Expo, Polk said Monday it is working with Microsoft to create premium audio products for the forthcoming Xbox One all-in-one entertainment system.

The 40-year-old manufacturer of high-fidelity speaker systems and other home-theater components worked with the Microsoft team to engineer products, including a soundbar and headphones, optimized for what the company called “finely-tuned audio” to support the Xbox One experience.

“Our goal with this partnership was to create a sound system that aesthetically complements the Xbox One’s place in the center of the living room and brings to life the fantastic worlds of entertainment through superior audio quality and performance,” said Mark Suskind, Polk product line development VP. “Our teams had a shared vision for excellence and passion for completing the all-in-one entertainment experience of the Xbox One with products that deliver spectacular sound for every scenario.”

Branden Powell, Microsoft strategic alliances director, added: “The collaboration has resulted in audio products that are customized for all-in-one entertainment and that will immerse Xbox One users in brilliant sound, whether they are using the console to play a game, watch TV or a movie, or listen to music.”

Polk said it will announce and showcase its Xbox One products at booth 4016 at E3 on June 11-13.