Pioneer Ships 1st Pro-Level BD Player

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Long Beach, Calif. - Pioneer said it is now shipping its first Blu-ray Disc player designed for professional applications.

The model BDP-V6000 ($999) professional Blu-ray Disc player features full BD-Live functionality, and support for content encoded in both the NTSC and PAL broadcast standard signal formats.

Pioneer's BDP-V6000

Inputs include an RS-232C control port that enables integrators to control the player through any number of external devices.

Also included are enhanced search options that allow users to search directly within the disc's video content to locate a title, chapter or time code quickly and easily.

The BDP-V6000 plays video at 30 fps, 25 fps and 24 fps, and supports playback of all BD titles that do not contain region codes from outside the player's "home" region.

Also included is a professional graphic user interface that provides improved player set-up and internal playlist operation.

Bonus View and BD-Live functions are supported with 1GB of internal memory.

Other features include power on start, playlist play, tray lock, front-panel key lock and no manufacturer power-on logo.

A rack mount kit is included.

Pioneer identified target applications as university media centers, kiosks, video walls, museums, tradeshows, and rental and staging areas.

The BDP-V6000 joins a range of professional DVD players including the DVD-V7200, DVD-V7400, DVD-V8000, DVD-V5000.  The latter two remain in the line.

A number of third-party products will work with the player including synchronizers for multiple player control, button controllers and touch screens for point-of-sale and museum kiosks.

The V6000 is a BD Region A and DVD Region 1 player, but can play region-free discs in both formats as well, Pioneer said.

The BDP-V6000 is sold through professional video dealers and distributors.

The BDP-V6000 uses the same mnemonic commands protocol that has been used in all Pioneer pro products. All shared commands use the same commands, therefore, updating device drivers requires little work.

Though BD Live has been primarily promoted for home theatre use, Pioneer said it holds great potential for commercial applications, especially those that are multiple player installations whether in the same facility or multiple retail locations throughout the country.

BD Live allows the system integrator to update content remotely and download to the player via network connection rather than reauthoring and shipping discs to multiple locations.

Other professional-level features available in the player include: RS-232C support for external control; internal playlists for custom playback of content; power-on-start for system installations; random access search on title, chapter and time code.


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