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Pentax, Nikon, Retool Consumer Web Sites

New York – In an effort to better educate the fledgling digital camera consumer, Nikon and Pentax, in separate announcements, introduced new Web-sites.

Nikon launched two new educational Web-sites designed to help consumers take better pictures. One site,, will primarily focus on Nikon’s consumer line of Coolpix digital cameras. The site will contain lessons and tips for consumers on how to get the most out of their Nikon digital camera, including a digital photography glossary and CompactFlash card calculator which lets consumers determine how many images of varying resolutions can fit on a CF card (from 16MB to 512MB).

The Coolpix Web-site also contains links back to Nikon’s USA Web-site, which features a dealer locator.

The other Nikon site,, will focus on its higher-end line of cameras and features step-by-step photo techniques, a ‘How Do I’ section, and product purchasing tools and recommendations.

The company also announced that of April 15, it will transition away from offering the online storefronts, portfolios and professional listings associated with NikonPro customers will have the opportunity to transfer all portfolios, events and images to, a Nikon partner site, free of charge.

Pentax revamped its own consumer website with new graphics, colors and a focus on consumer digital products. Located at and, the site provides access to electronic information including downloads of firmware and software for digital products, as well as owner’s manuals and product brochures. Also featured on the site is a new FAQ section and an online Pentax University Digital 101 course providing basic-to-advanced digital knowledge and pointers on digital photography.

The site also provides an online store for digital, film, sport optics products and accessories as well as information on the Pentax dealer network.