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PDR Mounts Debuts ‘Strongest’ Flush-Mount Systems

Orlando, Fla. — PDR Mounts is introducing at EHX, held here this week, what the company is hailing as the “strongest flush-mounting systems.”

It is also showing a projector-mount system.

The IWB125 and IWB250 in-wall box flush-mounting systems have “unmatched world class strength capabilities,” said PDR in a release. The IWB125, with a dealer price of $114 and a retail price of $285, has a 125-pound load rating and can reportedly accommodate the company’s articulating AWM125 wall mount in all configurations.

The three-stud IWB250, with a dealer price of $180 and a retail price of $450, has a 250-pound load rating and is designed to accommodate the company’s single-arm 175-pound rated and dual-arm 250-pound rated articulating mounts.

Both come with a single-piece face trim-ring and a “shimless” design. They are currently available.

The PMU50 projector-mount design comes with “EZ-install” features and a 55-pound load rating. Its bayonet quick-connect/disconnect feature is engineered for simple installation.

It will be available in April for a dealer price of $100 and a retail price of $250.