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PC Satisfaction Up: ACSI

Ann Arbor, Mich. – Consumer happiness with their tablet PC has driven up the The American Customer Service Index (ACSI) score for the category to its highest level ever.

ACSI noted that its personal computer category scored an 80 out of 100, up from 78 a year ago.

The organization said tablets received a higher satisfaction rating than the category’s other two products, laptops and desktops, boosting the entire segment.

Individual PC vendors also boosted their scores, with Dell increasing 5 percent, to 81 and Hewlett-Packard up 1 percent, to 79. These increases took place despite each of those companies shipping fewer computers.

“What may be occurring is that the defection of the least-satisfied customers of traditional PC brands such as Dell, HP and Acer to Apple and other smaller tablet makers actually may be boosting customer satisfaction for all,” said Claes Fornell, ACSI founder. “The companies that lose market share will maintain their most loyal and happy customers, while those who migrate to other companies in search of new products are more pleased as well.”

Apple fell 1 percent, to 86.