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Panasonic Kicks Off `Green’ Ad Campaign

Secaucus, NJ – Panasonic said Monday it has launched an
advertising campaign focused on its goal of becoming a leader in environmental


with the Earth

ad campaign features print and television ads highlighting
Panasonic’s eco-initiatives for the creation of products that save, create,
store, and manage energy as well as products that can be more easily and
completely recycled.

The campaign follows Panasonic’s recently announced Green Plan
2018 initiative, which is aimed turning Panasonic into the leading electronics
company in green technologies and next-generation energy and enviro-business
solutions by 2018.

Panasonic said the goal of the campaign is to deepen awareness of
Panasonic’s eco products and services among both consumers and business

Beginning today, five different ads began appearing in the print
and online editions of the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and
Washington Post as well as popular networking websites Linked In, Facebook and
Panasonic’s Twitter site.

The five ads spotlight different Panasonic eco-innovations in
green products for home and business, including:

  • Panasonic’s line of Viera Full HD 3D TVs that all feature an Energy
    Star 4.0 rating.

  • Panasonic’s work on the development efficient solar energy
    panels, advanced whole-house fuel cells, super-efficient LED light bulbs that
    use 6.9 watts of energy and last up to 19 years, and next-generation battery
    cells to power electric vehicles.

  • Panasonic’s Toughbook 
    line of lap top computers that are said to “meet or exceed many of the
    world’s strictest environmental standards.” All Toughbook computers are
    manufactured in Clean Factories where at least 98 percent of generated waste is
    recycled.  Toughbook computers are also
    ISO14001 and RoHS-compliant, Energy Star-qualified, and rated either Gold or
    Silver on the EPEAT registry, indicating the highest levels of environmental
    performance, Panasonic said.

  • Panasonic’s High Definition Visual Communications system is
    creating opportunities for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by
    conducting meetings in Full HD over the Internet, reducing the need for travel.

  • Panasonic’s line of home ventilation fans won an Energy Star “Partner
    of the Year Award”.

In January a television ad campaign will follow the print and
online segment with a series of TV spots on cable news networks including
Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and the Weather Channel as well
as DirecTV programming, Panasonic said.

“As a worldwide leader in consumer, business, and industrial
electronics, Panasonic is committed to becoming the world’s leading green
innovation company,” said Joseph Taylor, Panasonic North America chairman &
CEO.  “Many companies talk about being
green but Panasonic is focused on creating products that make the enjoyment of
living more sustainable.

“Our Connecting with the Earth ads highlight the innovative
products that Panasonic is bringing to market right now to help save energy and
contribute to a more sustainable future. 
We want people to know that Panasonic isn’t just paying lip service to
sustainability, we’re doing something about it.”