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Panamax/Furman Shows Power Solutions

CEDIA 2010 Atlanta – Panamax/Furman came to CEDIA Expo to demonstrate the latest version of its BlueBOLT web-based power and energy management platform.

In addition, the company is offering attendees a sneak peek of the future of BlueBOLT, demonstrating how the platform can be extended wirelessly to smaller point-of-use direct plug-in devices so users can manage power and monitor the energy usage of more electronic devices throughout a home, providing a larger picture of overall home energy consumption.

The latest BlueBOLT platform expands the energy management feature set and adds new control options. The platform calculates the energy used by connected devices and reports it historically and in real time, in kilowatt-hours as well as dollars.

Users can set energy budgets for their equipment and receive alerts when their usage is near or exceeding their allotted budget.

It also now includes an auto-reboot feature for networking equipment, designed to automatically power-cycle when an Internet connection is lost, eliminating the need to hard reboot modems and routers.

Also on display are the company’s new in-wall MIW-SURGE-1G and plug-in MD2 line of surge protectors with proprietary Protect or Disconnect circuitry.

The MIW-SURGE-1G features two surge-protected outlets that fit into any standard single-gang plastic or metal outlet box using standard wiring device screw-hole alignment. An LED displays power status in green or a line fault in red.

The MIW-SURGE-1G is also compatible with any Decora faceplate. It has a $49.95 suggested retail.

The new M2 line of specialty surge protectors offers a new paintable cover and slim form factor design. Each MD2 device offers two side-mounted AC outlets with EMI/RFI filtration circuitry for clean, unimpeded power.

The MD2 (suggested retail $39.95) is a multi-use unit providing AC surge protection for computers, printers, copiers, appliances and televisions. The MD2-TL ($49.95) is optimized for AC and telephone/LAN protection, protecting equipment such as modems, switches, phone systems, fax machines and printers from electrical surges that travel over telephone or LAN lines.

The MD2-C ($49.95) is for for flat panel displays, VCR/DVR components, cable modems and set-top boxes. It ships with a pair of universal cable TV/satellite/antenna ultra-low-loss connectors to protect equipment from electrical surges that travel over cable, satellite, and over-the-air antenna lines.

The MD2-CT ($59.95) combines AC, coaxial and phone line protection in one device, featuring in/out telco and coaxial connectors.

At the top of the line is the MD2-RCA ($69.95), designed to deliver the signal from source components to remotely located A/V equipment such as projectors or subwoofers. It offers three RCA input/outputs to protect equipment from electrical surges that travel over low-voltage RCA lines. It includes a grounding module with three more RCA inputs/outputs for grounding longer cable runs back to a power management component equipped with a grounding binding post for complete protection against signal cable transferrable surges and spikes.