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TWICE’s Wall To Wall CEDIA Coverage

Hitachi Takes 1,080p PDPs To CEDIA
Denver — Hitachi will take its “full HD” plasma display story to the CEDIA Expo this week, showing
prototype panels in 60W-inch 1,920 by 1,080p and 42W-inch 1,920 by 1,080i configurations.

Sony A/V Reciver Offers 1,080p At Low Price

Denver — Sony is introducing the STR-DA5200ES due in October at about $1,500, which is the lowest priced A/V receiver announced to date with HDMI 1,080p up-scaling.


Denver — Sony will use CEDIA Expo to introduce a 1,080p SXRD front projector and a pair of 52W-inch 1,080p BRAVIA LCD TVs.

Sharp To Unwrap 1,080p Line During CEDIA

Denver— Focusing on a full 1080p message, Sharp will use the CEDIA Expo to unveil three new 1920-by-1080p big-screen AQUOS LCD TVs including a 42W-inch model that dealers who have seen it say will give comparably sized plasma displays “a run for the money” during the holiday selling season.

Audiovox Shows Expanded Line Of Flat Panels

Denver — Audiovox will show at CEDIA Expo its newly expanded flat-panel TV lineup, featuring two new plasma models in the 52W- and 50W-inch screen sizes, in addition to seven LCD TVs ranging from 8- to 47W-inches.

dnp Intros Retractable Screen
Denver — Denmark-based dnp is rolling out its Supernova Flex Optical Front Screen during CEDIA, to be held here this week.

DPI Shows 1,080p Reference Projection TV

Denver — Digital Projection International (DPI), a manufacturer of high-performance video projection systems, will show at CEDIA Expo a pair of recently introduced native 1080p 3-chip DLP projectors – the TITAN 1080p-250 and the ultra-high-end HIGHlite Reference 1080p projector.

Epson Readies LCD Projectors

Denver — Epson America will show at CEDIA Expo three LCD-based home theater projectors including its MovieMate 30 and 33 combination projector and DVD systems.

HP To Unveil Digital Entertainment Centers
Denver — Hewlett-Packard will use CEDIA Expo to unveil a pair of Digital Entertainment Center (DEC) PCs, including a step-up unit that was designed from the ground up to work with custom installers.

Logitech Bows New Remote
Denver — Logitech is unveiling here its new flagship Harmony 1000 remote with a 3.5-inch color touch-sensitive screen. The remote is programmed by connecting it to a PC.

McIntosh Enters Video Category

Denver — High-end audio systems manufacturer McIntosh Laboratory will use CEDIA Expo to unveil its first line of McIntosh-branded video products, including a 1,080p DLP front projector, companion video processor and matching audio/video control center.

Monster Updates M Series Cable Line
Denver — Monster Cable is bringing to Denver what it calls an “evolutionary redesign and update” of its high-end M Series of audio, video and speaker cables.

Multi-Room Audio Systems Adopti ng Various

Denver — Custom-install suppliers are flocking to CEDIA Expo with their first multi-room audio systems, expanded selections, or system upgrades, and they’re employing a variety of system architectures to distribute audio throughout the house.

NetStreams Demos IP Video Distribution System

Denver — NetStreams flows into the CEDIA Expo with a demonstration of what it calls the world’s first IP-based video-distribution system, which will get exposure alongside a product that connects the company’s IP-based DigiLinX multiroom-audio system to a home PC network.

New Bracketing System Delivers Near-Invisibility

Denver — Here’s how Sonance plans to deliver on its promise of near-invisibility in its Architectural Series of flush-mount trimless speakers: For each speaker, Sonance will ship a precut panel that’s screwed to a wall’s studs and features a finished, precut opening that’s “very clean and exactly the right shape and size” for its matching speaker, said president Scott Strut.

Niles Broadens Home Theater, In-Ceiling Lines
Denver — Niles is launching a major expansion into home theater speakers, significantly expanding and upgrading its selection of in-ceiling speakers, and offering new options for its IntelliControl ICS multi-room audio system.

Omnimount Adds Surge, Power
Denver — OmniMount, has partnered with Panamax and Furman in order to offer surge protection and power conditioning solutions.

Prima TV Brand Debuts At CEDIA
Denver — Prima Technology (booth 632), a Xoceco company, will use CEDIA Expo to introduce a broad flat-panel TV lineup featuring LCD and plasma models ranging in screen sizes from 19W-63W inches.

Sonos Moves Music Server Onto Internet
Denver – Sonos is moving music servers out of the home network and onto the Internet to eliminate the need by time-starved consumers to rip CD libraries or download songs to a PC.

New Devices Let Installers Go Wireless

Denver – Anyone who says installers will always pull wire might be pulling your chain.

Sonos Moves Music Server Onto Internet
Denver – Sonos is moving music servers out of the home network and onto the Internet to eliminate the need by time-starved consumers to rip CD libraries or download songs to a PC.

New Devices Let Installers Go Wireless

Denver – Anyone who says installers will always pull wire might be pulling your chain.

Proton Shows Pair Of 1,080p HD LCD TVs
Denver — Proton (booth 2713) will use CEDIA Expo to showcase a pair of 1,080p high-definition LCD TVs in the 42W- and 47W-inch screen sizes under its premium Puriti line.

ReQuest Bows Multi-Room System/Server
Denver — ReQuest is launching its first multi-room audio system, which combines an HDD music server and multi-room audio system into a single box.

SIM2 Unveils Anamorphic Lens Options
Denver — SIM2 USA is introducing at CEDIA Expo new Home Cinema “Scope” anamorphic lens options to optimally present projected source material in a variety of aspect ratios.

Sonance Adds Speakers, Programs Focused On Architects, Designers

Denver — Sonance is acknowledging the growing influence of architects, interior designers and design-conscious consumers on custom A/V purchase decisions by unveiling “near-invisible” custom speakers that lack on-wall trimpieces and don’t protrude from the wall.

Thomson Shows AR HDMI Switchers

Denver — Thomson’s Acoustic Research (AR) brand will unveil at CEDIA Expo a line of HDMI switchers and repeaters, with HDMI cables that have been tested by Silicon Image’s Simplay Labs to ensure proper performance and compatibility with other HDMI gear.

THX Offer HDTV Certification, First Certified DMR

Denver — THX Ltd. plans here at the CEDIA Expo to unveil its first video-display performance standards and certification program, which applies to high-definition display technologies from LCD, plasma, DLP rear- and front-projection, LCoS, SED and laser.

TiVo’s ‘Series 3’ High-Def DVRs Demo At CEDIA

Denver — TiVo will use CEDIA Expo to unveil its new Series3 digital video recorder, which among other things will receive and record both standard and high-definition programming.

Universal Remote Control Shows New Master System Controller

Denver — Universal Remote Control is unveiling the MSC-400 Master System Controller here.

WHEN Scheduled By Audioaccess For Oct. Shipment
Denver — The Audioaccess $2,199-suggested 7.1-channel AVR21EN A/V receiver with built-in multi-room controller is the centerpiece of the brand’s WHEN (Whole House Entertainment Network) multi-room audio packages, some of which include in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

XM Radio Featured By CEDIA Exhibitors

Denver — XM Satellite Radio is expanding its portfolio of home audio products, which will be displayed at multiple booths at the CEDIA Expo, here, this week.