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Palm Announces Sub-Brand Strategy

New York – Reflecting the growing dichotomy in the handheld market, Palm announced a new sub-brand strategy creating two distinct brand names for consumer and enterprise products.

Starting this fall, all new consumer products will come under the Palm Zire name and all products aimed at mobile professionals and enterprise users will fall under the Palm Tungsten name.

All current Palm products will remain in the lineup under the original Palm brand, said the company.

Ken Wirt, senior vice president marketing also announced the first Tungsten product-server side software for the Palm i705 and m500 series, which provides access to wireless email and groupware solutions. Called the Tungsten Mobile Information Management Solution, it supports WAN and LAN networks as well as Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris. It currently works with and 802.11b but will work with additional networks in the future, said Palm. Pricing starts at $24.99.

Palm is expected to announce several new products under the Zire and Tungsten brands this fall.