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Oregan Demonstrates Media Browser

Oregan Networks will demonstrate home networking products and networking with mobile handsets called the Oregan Media Browser during International CES at Hilton 1269.

Oregan demonstrates interoperability of mobile media with larger-screen appliances and home theatre systems, with mobile handsets acting as portable media hubs for user generated and commercial digital media, the firm said.

Home videos, photos and music stored on advanced handsets with Wi-Fi connectivity, such as the Nokia N80 and N90 series, can be “pushed” onto media renderers or digital media player devices, powered by Oregan Media Browser — Oregan’s universal media access engine.

The company empowers convergence device brands and service operators to introduce innovative network entertainment scenarios, emphasizing ease of use and “consumer delight” factors in its software products, the firm said.

Oregan Media Browser works on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms to deliver digital media over IP connectivity and is built in compliance with networking standards, developed by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).