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Optoma Reveals Bright SSI Projector Pair

Fremont, Calif. — Optoma introduced Monday two of its brightest EcoBright solid-state illumination (SSI) DLP-based short-throw projectors to date.

Optoma’s 2,500-lumen ZW212ST and the 2,300-lumen ZX212ST are targeted at business and education applications to more effectively display their presentations, save money and reduce the carbon footprint, Optoma said.

Both models produce more than a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The ZW212ST ($1,600 suggested retail) produces WXGA resolution while the ZX212ST ($1,500) offers XGA

“The new EcoBright projectors represent our 6th generation of lamp-free projectors,” said Jon Grodem, Optoma’s sales and marketing senior director.  “Our experience with this technology has enabled us to push the envelope and deliver the best projector in its class — and the best value, to boot.  Because of their performance and energy-saving advantages, lamp-free projectors are playing an increasingly important role in display technology, and it is Optoma’s intention to continue to lead the way.”  

Both offer wireless capabilities and Crestron certification for remote management and control. MS Office Viewer is preinstalled and supports direct playback of movies, photos and Office files from the projectors’ 2GB internal memory, through the USB port, or via an SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of memory expansion. Both projectors also have HDMI, VGA in, VGA out and MiniUSB inputs for display; USB for wireless connectivity; RS-232 and RJ45 ports for remote management through a larger network; and S-video, composite video, audio in and audio out.

The company’s SSI technology incorporates both LEDs and lasers to deliver high-lumen output and vivid color reproduction over periods of extended use, while at the same time using less power and reducing the projector’s carbon footprint, Optoma said. 

The SSI light engine is rated to last more than 20,000 hours.