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North America Shines In Nokia’s Q3

Espoo, Finland — North America was the only region in which Nokia’s third-quarter handset sales grew in units and dollars compared with the year-ago period, the company’s financial report shows.

The gain followed a second-quarter drop in North American units and dollars. In the first quarter, North American dollars were up despite a unit-sales decline.

On a global basis, the quarter’s handset sales fell in units and dollars compared to the year ago, but handset operating losses shrank in the quarter and nine-month period.

In the latest quarter, North American handset dollar volume grew 494 percent to 214 million euros ($294.2 million) compared with the year-ago period. North American handset volume grew on a sequential basis by 74 percent.

Third-quarter North American unit sales hit 1.4 million, up 367 percent from the year ago and up 180 percent on a sequential basis.

In North America, rising handset units and dollars were due primarily to Lumia smartphone sales, the company said.

Global Lumia smartphone sales rose 203 percent to 8.8 million units, a Lumia record for any quarter, and rose 19 percent on a sequential basis from the second quarter’s 7.4 million.

On a global basis, combined sales of Lumia and Symbian smartphones were up in units and dollars in the quarter but were down for the nine-month period. The nine-month decline was due to the company selling almost its last Symbian smartphone in the third quarter, bringing Symbian volume in the quarter to almost zero, the company said.

With Symbian sales largely phased out in the third quarter, combined Lumia and Symbian smartphone sales smartphones sales were up only 40 percent in the quarter to 8.8 million compared with the year-ago period, and were down 21 percent for the year to date to 22.3 million.

 On a global basis, total handset dollar volume fell 19 percent to 2.9 billion euros ($3.98 billion) but was up on a sequential basis by 6 percent. Nine-month dollar volume fell 28 percent to 8,510 million euros ($11.7 billion). The figures include feature phones, low-priced Asha smartphones, and Lumia and Symbian smartphones. Of these, only Lumia smartphones are available in the U.S.

In units, total global handset sales fell 22 percent to 64.6 million units but were up on a sequential basis by 6 percent. Nine-month unit shipments fell 25 percent to 187.6 million units.

Despite falling handset sales, the handset segment’s operating losses shrank in the quarter to 86 million euros ($118.2 million) compared with the year-ago loss of 672 million euros ($923.9 million). The loss grew sequentially, however, from the second quarter’s 33 million euros.

Nine-month operating losses shrank to 161 million euros ($221.3 million) from a year-ago 1.36 billion euros ($1.87 billion).

On a consolidated basis, Nokia’s global sales, including communications infrastructure and its navigation-data unit, fell 23 percent in the quarter to 17,209 million euros ($23.7 billion), and the company posted a net loss of 721 million euros, down 82 percent from the year-ago loss of 4,031 million euros.

Currrencies were converted at a rate of 1 euro = $1.375.