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Niveus Media Debuts Servers Which Support HD DVD Format

Denver – Niveus Media is introducing a series of media servers during CEDIA Expo, here, at booth 710 which supports the HD DVD format.

The company is introducing its 2007 Pro Series media centers, n7 and n9 in a rack-mount form factor. The HD DVD enabled Pro Series includes Intel Viiv technology and a Core 2 Duo Extreme processor, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 7 Graphics and HDMI output. Engineered to provide faster frame rates and exceptional images, as well as broad third party control and “enough horsepower to distribute audio and video throughout a multi-zone home,” Niveus said the n7 and n9 are designed to perform as a central media distribution hub for the digital home.

Based on Windows Media Center Edition 2005 and Niveus’ Summit Series platform, the n7 and n9 feature Niveus’ proprietary Glacier Passive Cooling technology, active and passive cooling, and patent-pending Niveus ConvergencePanel, as well as new features including HDMI, RS-232, an integrated SD and MMC flash card reader and RAID 5 Hard Drive Data Protection, the new Pro Series is highly-compatible to meet the needs of varying installation challenges.

Niveus announced its participation in the following programs: AMX’s InConcert manufacturer partner program, Crestron’s Integration Partner program and Exceptional Innovation’s Life|ware Ready program. The company will also continue to work with Netstreams, Universal Electronics and Vantage to ensure compatibility.

Niveus Media’s Professional Series n7 and n9 MSRP start at of $6,999 and $14,999, respectively, and are expected to ship Sept. 30.

The Denali and Rainier media centers will also support HD DVD.

Denali features Niveus’ Glacier Passive Cooling technology, as well as the patent-pending Niveus Convergence Panel. Providing faster frame rates, higher quality television, faster music encoding, rich graphics, and quicker response time, Niveus’ 2007 editions are amongst the first Windows Media Center systems to incorporate Intel’s Viiv technology, Core Duo and Core 2 Duo processors, HD DVD and HDMI output; all in an audio/video component form factor, Niveus claimed.

Based on Windows Media Center 2005 software, the new Rainier includes: HDMI (carrying both audio and video), an integrated IR Receiver/Blaster, Serial (RS-232), Wireless 80211.b/g, an integrated flash card reader (SD, MMC), and Niveus’ unique industrial design with an all new front panel and the signature extruded aluminum heat sinks. With Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Video Quality Certification on track to be received by the time the product ships, Niveus’ Summit Series continues to provide custom installation integrators with only the highest quality video experience.

In addition, the Windows Vista Capable 2007 Summit Series is eligible to receive the Windows Vista upgrade offered by Niveus.

Niveus Media’s 2007 Summit Series – Rainier and Denali Editions have an MSRP starting at $3,499 and $6,999, respectively. Both are expected to ship Sept. 30.