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Nintendo To Ship Wii For Holidays

Nintendo would not disclose the exact price and ship date for its Wii next-generation console, introduced at the E3 show here, but it did narrow the launch window down to the fourth quarter.

Instead of offering marketing details, the company highlighted Wii’s new controller, which also will be made available for the current generation GameCube system.

The remote-control styled device will feature an Internal sensor that allows onscreen action to relate to movement made with the controller, so players can wield it like a sword, swing it like a golf club or aim it like a handgun. The wireless controller will feature tactile feedback via an internal rumble pad so that it will also respond accordingly to the game play.

Connectivity is also a key for the Wii system. It can remain connected online 24-hours a day, even when in a standby mode, using little power. During downtime the system will remain connected to receive game updates and information from developers.

Nintendo said about 27 titles would be available at launch.