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New Handspring Visors Announced

Mountain View, Calif. – Handspring announced Monday two new handheld PCs, including the first Palm-based unit to offer 16MB of RAM.

At the mid- to high-end is a new Visor Pro with 16MB of RAM and rechargeable lithium ion batteries for power users. It uses a Dragonball VZ 33MHz processor, includes the company’s Springboard expansion module and has a silent alarm with blinking LED. Available in silver, the Visor Pro has an estimated retail price of $299.

At the lower end is the new Visor Neo which is 50 percent faster than the Visor Deluxe. It comes with 8MB of RAM, and has a Dragonball VZ 33MHz processor as well as a Springboard module. The Visor Neo is available in red, blue and smoke at an estimated retail price of $199.

Handpsring also announced that it has taken the IDEO Eyemodule2 digital camera in house and will now market the product itself as a Springboard module accessory.