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New ANT+ Adds Improvements For Fitness OEMs

COCHRANE, ALBERTA — Ultra-low-power wireless protocols provide fitness monitors with increased performance and efficiency.

One of these, the ANT protocol, from Dynastream Innovations, has been updated to improve the performance of wireless personal monitoring devices. The next-generation ANT+ protocol offers OEMs improvement in power consumption, size, cost, speed and security built directly into the protocol layer.

Specific technical advancements now integrated into ANT and ANT+ include ecrypted channels for security between multiple devices, faster bursting and data transport, faster signal acquisition and event filtering and buffering to allow for greater flexibility and lower system power.

The new ANT feature set has also been released in the new ANTUSB-m USB sticks, which provide end-to-end connectivity with PCs, Mac OS X and Android devices. They are available now and offer the opportunity for brand customization.