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Neuros Debuts OSD Media Center

Neuros Technology International is showing the Neuros OSD media center during International CES this week. It will be displayed at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, booth 68747.

The Neuros OSD is an open source (LINUX-based) embedded media center that allows users to move audio and video content back and forth between their PC/Internet, home entertainment center (TV, stereo, DVD player, VCR, TiVo, etc.) portables (such as their iPod, Zune, PSP) and smartphones, the firm said.

“Most of us have audio and video content spread all over the place. It’s stored on our DVDs, CDs, VHS, home movie tapes and computer hard drives. It’s all over the Internet and in our paid cable and satellite TV subscriptions,” said Neuros CEO Joe Born.

“The problem is that DRM schemes and incompatible formats and connections make it difficult to move this content between devices when we want to watch, listen to, edit or store content somewhere else.

The Neuros OSD is infinitely customizable and designed to become the cornerstone of the digital home by allowing users to play, record, stream and share their media content wherever they choose — including transferring DVDs or home movies to an iPod or other external hard drive, streaming YouTube or a Flickr slide show to a TV, and copying TV shows onto memory cards for playback on smartphones,” said Born.