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Navigon Delivers New PND, Map Update Service

Hannover, Germany – Navigon introduced the industry’s first map-update service for personal navigation devices (PNDs), which allows many professional map updates for a one-time fee.

Navigon’s FreshMaps service lets users download up to 12 map and point-of-interest (POI) updates over three years for a one-time fee of $79.99. The service is available for all Navigon PNDs.

The updates are verified by map maker Navteq, which Navigon deems an advantage over the free user-updated maps offered by vendors such as TomTom. Navigon said Navteq implements more than 600,000 changes to its digital maps every day, and more than 150 million changes a year.

 “Industry figures suggest the road network changes 15 to 20 percent annually. POI data is even more turbulent. FreshMaps is designed to provide users peace of mind by giving them regular access to quality map and POI updates,” said Navigon president for the Americas Andreas Hecht.

In addition, Navigon added to its budget-priced PND series with the 2100 Max and 2120 Max. Each has a 4.3-inch screen and announces street names for upcoming turns. They have a “Reality View” feature that shows lane views and simulated street signs at complex highway intersections. And both offer optional real-time traffic for the lifetime of the product for $99, without requiring extra hardware.

New also is a DirectHelp feature that pinpoints a user’s location and provides instant links to nearby services such as hospitals, pharmacies, and roadside assistance.

The Navigon 2100 max ships with maps of the continental United States at a suggested retail of $299. The 2120 max includes maps of the United States and Canada and is available in Canada only.