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Navigon Announces Nav App For Android, Windows Mobile



plans a spring launch of a turn-by-turn
navigation app for Android-based smartphones following its launch last week of
a nav app for Windows Mobile smartphones.

Both apps join a Navigons nav app available for the iPhone.

The company

the U.S. PND market

in 2009 to focus on automotive and smartphone markets.

Navigon’s MobileNavigator app for Android and Windows Mobile
will use the smartphones’ existing GPS receiver but will include a map database
and routing algorithm for on-board navigation like a PND. In contrast,
navigation services delivered by cellphone carriers use server-based maps and
routing algorithms, subjecting turn-by-turn instructions to interruptions if the
cellular signal is lost.

Navigon’s Android solution will bring on-board navigation
capabilities to any Android-based phone, joining the Google Nexus One and
Motorola Droid, both of which come with Google’s own on-board navigation

For Windows Mobile, the introductory price is $69, with the
price going to $89 on Feb. 14. Android-app pricing was unavailable.

 App features include:

street-name announce.

photo-realistic 3D road views with road signs and lane
guidance for most highway interchanges and exits.

lane assistant pro, which helps drivers prepare to turn into
an exit via a map of lanes with arrows and road geometry.

ability to navigate to addresses in the phone’s contact