NAD Adds DAC/Amps


Pickering, Ontario - NAD is expanding its selection of DAC-equipped integrated amplifiers with the shipment of the $1,600-suggested C 375DAC and $900 C 356DAC.

The two DAC/amps are rated at 2x80 watts RMS and 2x150 watts, respectively, and join the $2,600-suggested C 390DD DAC/amplifier, a 2x150-watt integrated amp with 35-bit/844kHz up-sampling DAC.

The new components also join the $800 C 356BEE and $1,500 C 375BEE integrated amplifiers, which accept a modular, dealer-installable $250 Modular Design Construction (MDC) DAC to connect to music streamers and computers.

Both new DAC/amps are actually the C 356BEE and C 375BEE integrated amps shipped with preinstalled MDC DAC and priced as a bundle to offer more value, a spokesman said.

Both feature the MDC architecture to allow for future upgrades, and the C 375DAC features two MDC slots, while the other features one slot. The 375's second slot allows for the addition of such upgrades as a phono preamp.

All of the integrated amps feature proprietary fully digital PowerDrive amplifier technology, which directly accepts a digital PCM signal, uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to amplify the signal, and incorporates a closed-loop direct digital feedback technology to deliver better-than-Class-A performance at all output levels with high efficiency, the company said.


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