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Myron & Davis Introduces Mercedes Headrest DVD At SEMA

Myron & Davis showed at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show two headrest DVD/monitor systems for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Newer Mercedes-Benz models pose a challenge for headrest-monitor suppliers because the vehicles have “active” headrests that automatically thrust forward to protect the neck in a rear-end collision.

The Myron & Davis systems attach to (rather than replace) the Mercedes headrests. They have 7-inch monitors for each headrest and then a choice of one or two DVD players. The systems include an iPod connector cable, two wireless headphones and a choice of FM modulator or direct A/V output plus a game controller with 20 built-in games. Suggested retails for the systems are $1,899 for the single DVD version and $2,499 for the dual DVD model.

Other suppliers offering headrests for Mercedes-Benz include VizuaLogic and Audiovox.

Also new are two overhead DVD/monitors that include, for the first time from the company, a USB 2.0 port for portable media devices. Models SDM 185 and SDM 107 also have ultra-slim DVD loading mechanisms, A/V inputs and outputs, two sets of IR wireless headphones and a built-in FM modulator. Suggested retails are $999 and $1,199.