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MvixUSA Offers 1-to-4 HDMI 1.3b Splitter

Chantilly, Va. –


introduced Tuesday a stand-alone
HDMI video-distribution system for splitting the high-definition video signal.

The Mvix Splitter,
which sells for $130, is targeted at value-added resellers and system integrators
in residential and commercial markets, and is available now from Mvix and other
consumer electronics distributors/retailers.



splits the 1080p high-definition video signal from one HDMI source
device (Blu-ray, digital signage, media system) to four HDMI displays, simultaneously.
It is offered as a solution for digital signage setups and on-floor TV-demonstration

The Mvix splitter is
HDMI 1.3b compatible for A/V signal distribution. It is equipped with one input
and four outputs on gold-plated connectors, and supports high-bandwidth, FullHD
(1080p) video and high-resolution digital DTS-HD and Dolby True HD 7.1 channel

A built-in powered
equalizer is included for reliable connections using longer cable runs.

The data rate runs
up to 2.25Gbps and allows for a comprehensive deep-color HD splitting, Mvix
said. The splitter is externally powered and supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
and 1080p video resolutions.

“Splitter is
the latest accessory to our product lineup. By adding this product, we hope to
provide our customers with a full range of products and accessories in the HD
media center, HTPC and digital signage systems market. We expect this accessory
to be useful for business and residential clients who want to broadcast a HD
video simultaneously at multiple locations, without losing the quality of true
1080p,” commented Mike Mallon, Mvix business development VP.