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MusicSkins Launches Skin Customizer

Brooklyn, N.Y. – MusicSkins, a manufacturer of iPod
covers, announced an online tool that lets consumers design and create their
own CE device skins.

The Customizer, available
, has users first select the device in need of a skin. Available
options include netbooks, which are categorized as “small,” “medium” and
“large”; smartphones, including the iPhone 3G S, BlackBerry Storm, Samsung
Instinct and LG Dare, among others; and various iPod and other MP3 player
models. Users can also choose from a variety of hard drives, gaming guitars,
laptops and video game consoles.

After the proper device is selected, photos can then be uploaded
and manipulated. Users can also add text and choose background colors for the
skin. The personalized skins, which are billed as being made of a
premium-quality vinyl with a high-gloss finish, range in price from $15.00 to
$30.00, said the company. They apply easily by using an air-release adhesive
technology that prohibits bubbles from forming during application, according to
the company.