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Mozaex Unveils Home-Theater Headphones

Salt Lake City — Mozaex, a manufacturer of multi-room Blu-ray entertainment servers and peripherals, launched a line home-theater headphones.

The 7.1 BluWavs include a BluWav Blender audio console and feature the company’s Personally Leveled Ultimate Surround Headphones (PLUSH) technology, designed to let users fine-tune the volume and EQ of 10 discrete speakers.

They deliver bit rates up to 27Mbps, the company said, and have a vibration subwoofer driver that has its own dedicated bass-booster amplifier and crossover, “which delivers bass sounds the listener can literally feel.” 

BluWavs can support LPCM, DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD HD Audio via either multichannel pre-amp outputs or HDMI, depending on the model. 

The A10 and AE10 work with an existing pre-amp-out receiver, while the D10 lets users add their own dedicated BluWavs pre-amp-out receiver and supports four HDMI sources.  The DR10 is a D10 plus a pre-amp receiver.

They will ship Nov. 1. Pricing is as follows:

  • BluWavs-A10 with  Analog Blender: $1,295
  • BluWavs-AE10 with  Analog/EQ Blender: $1,695
  • BluWavs-D10 with  Digital 4-Way-HDMI Switch Blender: $1,695
  • BluWavs-DR10 is D10 plus Receiver Blender: $2,595
  • BluWavs-Headset-10 (additional BluWav headset): $795